What will be served?

A beautiful selection of Nourishing Food will be Available…

After a long day of feeding your soul, you’ll need some healthy sustenance for your body. Our local food vendors offer quick and healthy fare as you navigate your way from class to class, a delectable organic meal will be available for you, your kids and your newly made friends.

Immerse yourself with a tasting menu specifically created to heighten each one of your senses and connect with your chakra centers. In this intimate setting we will explore the senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch, vestibular, and proprioception.

⦁ Healthy.
⦁ Fresh.
⦁ Vegetarian Food.

This will be a selection of meals you’re not likely to forget, exquisite new friendships and the sweet and savory dishes that are blended with love into pure perfection. Also if you would like to have your own picnic, it is also fine!

Cocobrew Coffee

Cocobrew will be serving their lovely coffee at Flight Mode Festival!
They are located in Temple Bar Dublin, so pay them a visit and have a quick taste before the Festival, Cocobrew serves No Ordinary Coffee!