Welcome to our new page ‘Flight Mode Festival’ and thank you for taking an interest in our life growing experience. Here is our Trip Leaders Section where you can learn more about each of our Life Coaches…

Eve Jakobson

In 2002, Eve came from Lithuania to Ireland to get away from a painful divorce, & a better life for her young son. She had to leave her son behind in Lithuania so she could start to build a new life for him & herself in Ireland starting with only €200 in her pocket.

She worked many small jobs when she arrived here including, minding a family of five children, general cleaning jobs & also working in a hotel kitchen & whilst deeply missing her little boy. She eventually got to a stage where she could now earn a decent living & have her son live with her in Ireland now that she had more than the €200 she arrived in Ireland with.

She knew these jobs were not who she really wanted to be and as time past, her passion to be a dressmaker grew stronger. Sewing & dressmaking was what she loved to do & she worked harder than ever but this time at something she loved to do. She opened her now very successful dress business “Asta Fashions” located in Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath in 2008 & went from strength to strength winning the Meath Style Awards in 2016 & best window display.

She also is the co-owner of an interior design company “Peacock Designs”

Her passion & drive is kept going by understanding how to balance life with work & has become a life coach through that education & knowledge.

Eve was one of the main event organisers of the “Moynalty Yoga Festival” so she is looking forward to her very own “Flight Mode Festival” happening July 28TH & 29th.

Ricardas Stasiskis

Originally from Lithuania, Richard is a National Artist, Life Coach and the co-owner of “Peacock Designs”.

From a young age, Richard had a passion for art, but he found that not many others had the same passion & ended up being bullied at school because of it & soon lost his true passion as he tried to fit into what others thought was “cool”.

Losing his parents at a young age, he craved a human connection, which made him lose his true identity by going to look for love, with no luck & ended up only surrounding himself with the wrong kind of people which moved his life in a direction which was not good for him.

Only in the past few years, he has realised, how to become a happy human being who is comfortable in his own skin and back at a full force and in touch with his artistic life!

The return of his love for Life is what inspired him to become a Life Coach.

He now loves to help, give guidance and motivate others & share his message that a happy life is possible for everyone.
His involvement in the “Surrender to Fun Festival” is his next step of sharing his new passion for life as he helps others become their through self & help others to enjoy life & all it has to offer.